Synergistic Natural Ingredients Provide Safe, Effective Pain Relief, Immune Support and Energy

In order to consistently perform at a high level an intense physical training regimen is generally required. Physical discomfort is a typical byproduct. Current pain management options have been non-optimal e.g. prescription opioids, NSAID’s, acetaminophen, ointments etc. some which have significant adverse side-effects e.g. gastrointestinal bleeding, heart attacks, liver and kidney failure, addiction, overdose and death; therefore, a more natural approach is preferable. Dietary supplements and natural remedies for pain, inflammation, muscle relaxation, immune support etc. have existed for centuries and historically been known to have excellent safety profiles. Evidence-based efficacy studies comparing them to their prescription and OTC counterparts, however, has been lacking. The active ingredients of many medications originate from a plant source but when they are artificially synthesized they lose the protective characteristics of the originating plant.

We hypothesized that a natural pain relief supplement derived from synergistic plant ingredients e.g. extracts from specific roots, bark, whole plant, fruits etc. could provide safe, effective pain relief of fast onset and long duration of action. Furthermore, because of the ingredients synergy it could also potentially provide immune support and be a natural source of energy. We tested this hypothesis in an open label fashion over 6 months in healthy volunteers with various forms of acute and chronic discomfort. The results of the study indicated that this natural pain relief formulation was very effective at providing fast, lasting pain relief e.g. muscle, joint, headaches etc. and was well tolerated. Participants also indicated that during the study they had reduced incidence of general illness and felt a consistent boost of energy when they used the supplement, allowing them to train longer, with more intensity and without fatigue. We concluded that the proper plant based formulation can offer safe, effective natural pain relief and optimize human performance without the risks associated with prescription and OTC pain medication and from banned substances. LEVARE®  represents a potential major breakthrough in natural pain relief and human performance optimization, therefore, larger randomized studies are being planned and implemented.

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