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Ultimaxx Health develops, and partners with developers of, innovative plant-based medicines and natural solutions for pressing public health problems, chronic conditions and general health and wellness. The Company is also engaged in other relevant research and development activities that support its mission of Changing The World Naturally.

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To change the lives of those, who have no hope.
At Ultimaxx Health, we have made it our mission to develop innovative solutions to pressing public health problems, with a key emphasis on resolving the epidemic of prescription painkiller abuse and improving the general health and well-being of humanity “naturally.”

  • When you’re in pain, you need an immediate solution.
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If you are suffering

from chronic or acute pain, you need reliable relief that lasts. Introducing LEVARE®, revolutionary, non-narcotic remedy developed by medical experts that provides you with immediate pain relief support, so you can get back to your everyday.


  • No need for a prescription
  • Made from all natural ingredients
  • Clinically tested with proven results
  • Effective powerful immediate support
  • No dangerous adverse side effects
  • Non habit forming safe to take everyday

Press Releases



New York

I was introduced to this product by my cousin who is an athlete and knows about the aches and pains of playing football. I also played football on the college and pro level. He advised me how wonderful this product (LEVARE) is and that it's a "non opoid" all natural pain reliever. I was experiencing pain in my lower digestive system from a recent surgery. I was prescribed oxycodone 5mg for pain, keeping in mind that I hate taking pain killers because they make me feel weird. So I did my own research on LEVARE and was somewhat impressed by the doctor who invented LEVARE and the fact that it's an all natural plant based product that has no side effects and it's non addictive. Well I began taking and let me tell you it really works. I was skeptical at first but after taking LEVARE for a few days I noticed that other aches and pains I had suddenly went away. I called my cousin right away and thanked him for introducing me to this wonderful product and how great it works. So please try it for yourself and you will be plesently surprised how great this product is. Thanks LEVARE I'm a customer for life.



Dallas, Texas

"I'm very skeptical and careful about taking medicine. I prefer natural remedies over conventional medication. I take LEVARE and even gave it to my son after dental surgery. It really works. "


David P. Horrell

Columbia, Missouri

I am a 76-year-old man who has always been very active. I started playing sports in high school in 1954 and stayed active playing softball, basketball, baseball, hunting and fishing. I got my share of injuries playing these sports but stayed in good shape until I reached 60+ years of age. That’s when all of the injuries started to show up. I had both knees replaced, both shoulders are arthritic from shoulder separations. Seven back surgeries between 2006-2012. On my last back surgery, I woke up with nerve damage in my right leg. I had a nerve stimulator placed in my thoracic spine to control some of the leg pain and I was put on a prescription of 1200mg of Neurontin per day. I turn the stimulator on at night for one hour and that helps me sleep at night.

The pain in my right leg and foot has been troublesome. I went to a neurosurgeon for an exam after 3 months of having steroid injections in my L5 and S1. The doctor said I would need surgery again. I decided to have the surgery because I couldn’t ride in the car more than 30 minutes without my leg or foot going numb. His plan was to drill the L5 and S1 nerve opening.

Then my son shared the LEVARE supplement with me that he found in Dallas, TX created by Dr. Lenny Lomax. I started taking LEVARE 1200mg twice a day along with my current prescription pills. The pain in my leg and foot lessened and I could sleep all night without using the stimulator. At my last doctor visit with the neurosurgeon to schedule my surgery, he did another exam. Since I was doing so well and the pain had subsided, he suggested postponing the surgery to assess if the LEVARE supplement would control my pain.

I have not had to use my back brace or use my stimulator in the past month and I started taking LEVARE in late November 2015. I now get up in the morning and I don’t even think about my back brace. My goal is to get off the Neurontin entirely as soon as possible and only take LEVARE.


Bill Trojan, Cancer Center Director

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

As both a professional in the healthcare field and someone with an active lifestyle playing recreational sports, I have been thrilled to learn about the benefits of using LEVARE. I have played sports my whole life, and thus I have many lingering aches and pains. Since I started using LEVARE several months ago, I get less soreness after working out or playing some physical sport such as racquetball or volleyball. In addition, I have had multiple knee surgeries and LEVARE has helped me to deal with ongoing chronic knee pain.

I have worked in Healthcare for over 20 years, and witnessed many patients and friends become addicted to using narcotic pain medications. Having LEVARE as an all-natural non-addictive alternative has been a true revelation. I truly believe LEVARE has a place in providing a safe pain relieving medication without negative side effects.

I definitely plan to continue using LEVARE to ensure I can remain physically active and play pain free while reducing aches and soreness.



(Ret) United States Marines-- Dallas, Texas

Some of the injuries I sustained during my career as a United States Marine could be ignored when I was young but as I got older those nagging injuries had me taking all sorts of prescription and non prescribed pain medications. No matter how many pills I swallowed it always seemed as though I couldn't keep the pain at bay long enough to function normally or after I took a pain medication I didn't feel as though I was in my right mind to really accomplish anything other than sit around. Thanks to Levare I've been able to forget about the pain and just get on with my life. No more feeling like I couldn't drive or operate heavy machinery because I took a pain killer. With Levare I have to sometimes remind myself that I was experiencing pain before I took a couple all natural Levare pills. I can't stop telling all of my old service buddies about the new lease on life I feel like I have because of the fact I was introduced to an all natural way of relieving the pain in my body.


Gloria E. Gutierrez

Gloria E. Gutierrez, MD Principal Scientist, Chemical Defense Pharmaceuticals and Bioengineering Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Division Southwest Research Institute San Antonio, TX

Dear Dr. Lomax:

It has been a blessing to meet you and know about your desire in improving the public’s general health by using non-narcotic pain relief alternatives. As a physician and researcher, I really applaud your efforts. Every day we are more aware of the serious and growing problem that prescription painkiller overdose is causing in men and women in the USA.

Having a safe and natural alternative can definitely provide some relief to this epidemic and each one of us can start by helping you promote your efforts in this area. I have personally recommended your product to several friends and colleagues and have received very positive feedback. Because of my interaction with the Military living in San Antonio, TX, I also know the armed forces are very interested in finding a solution to the increasing number of injured soldiers addicted to pain medication.

I am also very impressed with your willingness to help those in need that might not have the resources necessary but that can definitely benefit from this alternative method.

Thanks again for your enthusiasm and compassion.

Best regards


Van Johnson

Laurel, MD

Former Big East All-American, Star Wide Receiver for Temple University Professional Football Player for the NY Giants and Atlanta Falcons


Mike Beasley

Former Dallas Cowboys Running Back and Super Bowl Champion, Dallas, TX

As an ex-professional athlete, pain management throughout my entire career was done with prescription medication that was made easily accessible to me and a majority of my teammates. It wasn't until after my playing days that I realized that my dependence on these pain relievers was significant. Continuing to be active, and without the benefit of prescription drugs, it was apparent how often I had turned to those small vials of relief to get through the day. My playing days had left me with chronic pain in my knees, shoulders and neck. LEVARE was introduced to me, and my suspicion was raised, because I had never heard of a natural way of relieving pain. The bottle of LEVARE sat in my medicine cabinet for over a month until one day, after a strenuous workout, I was feeling some pain in my elbow. When I opened the medicine cabinet by chance, the bottle of LEVARE was looking right back at me and I thought why not give it a try. Minutes after taking LEVARE, I was expecting the same feeling I had experienced with most of the strong pain relievers I had taken in the past. When the loopy, brain muddling feeling I was accustomed to did not arrive my first thought was, I'm going to have to take something stronger to get rid of this pain I'm having. When I got up to go back to the medicine cabinet I started moving my elbow as I had earlier that made me notice the pain. To my surprise and relief, the pain was gone and I started to laugh to myself, LEVARE works! During my playing days I had taken most of the more popular prescription pain relievers on the market. I had become accustomed to the high feeling that came along with all of them and had associated that feeling with what was a necessary evil to stay off the sidelines and play in the game. LEVARE eliminates the mind altering side effects most people struggle with to get rid of pain and simply attacks the pain.

Spudd Webb

Spud Webb

Former NBA Basketball Star and Slam Dunk Champion, Dallas, TX

I have hip pain daily as a result of years in the NBA. The pain is sometimes excruciating, making it hard to sleep and restricting everyday activities. Since taking LEVARE I’m able to play a round of golf with reduced pain. While surgery is still needed, I'm able to be active.


Shirley Loebel


My name is Shirley Loebel and I have been taking LEVARE for the last several months. I am 80 years old and have had both Breast Cancer and Stomach Cancer in my 70’s. Most recently, I have begun to experience pain in my hip and pain running down my back and hip into my leg which I believe may be caused by my sciatic nerve. After taking LEVARE religiously on a strict schedule I have been able to relieve my pain. Thank You Dr. Lomax for creating LEVARE. I would recommend LEVARE to anyone experiencing pain.


Stan Counts Jr.

Kansas City, MO

"I am a witness that LEVARE works and works well! I have what my doctor's define as severe degenerative changes in the superior lateral and narrowing of the joint space. I had my thyroid removed in January of 2015 and I went from 284 lbs. to 330 lbs. Needless to say it's taking its toll on my joints (hips). The doctor's tell me that it takes 6-8 months for my body to adjust to the hormone replacement medicine for my thyroid. Well, I literally couldn't walk some days due to the severe pain I was experiencing. I was prescribed Hydrocodone with acetaminophen to manage the pain and it was not doing a thing for me. A good friend of my business partner, whom I also knew, came into my office and said that he heard I was really having a tough time with hip pain. He introduced me to LEVARE and I immediately took two tablets. Within 15 minutes I was experiencing pain relief that I hadn't had in weeks. LEVARE WORKS!!!!


Maj. Germaine B Hawkins DO

Psychiatrist / Executive VP Ultimaxx Health, Director Mental Health Division Arlington, TX

Uncontrolled pain and inadequate monitoring of pain with narcotics often leads to a myriad of socioeconomic problems affecting quality of life, work productivity, and rising healthcare costs. Worsened depression, anxiety and insomnia far too often are a by-product, if not coexisting initially, of the above as well. The addictive potential , ease of misuse and dependency of opiates further cause psychological distress on millions of individuals annually who feel there is no other alternative. Well, to say that LEVARE is a revolutionary alternative is an understatement! As a natural, non-narcotic pain relief formula, I have literally seen neuropathic pain patients quality of lives impacted tremendously. LEVARE gives them a sense of control without the stigma of depending on a narcotic. Not only is LEVARE safe and well tolerated – it works! As a Suboxone certified psychiatrist I also see potential in utilizing LEVARE for pain control while tapering patients.


Elizabeth D.


I have been taking LEVARE for a couple of weeks now due to the start of menopause. The only thing I knew about menopause was “hot-flashes”, but no one ever discussed the aches and pains that are part of the symptoms of menopause. I work-out daily and I was having difficulty doing the exercises that I routinely do. I had stiffness and aches everywhere, but especially in my lower and upper back, legs and abdominal cramping. I was desperate and remembered we had some LEVARE in the cupboards. Within a half an hour after taking 2 LEVARE caplets, I felt instant relief! The stiffness and joint pain went away and the physical discomfort I was feeling subsided considerably to the point that it was not a preoccupation anymore.

I take LEVARE in the morning before I work-out and in the evening when I am about to retire for the evening. The 2 caplets offers an entire day of relief, I know because when it wears off I can feel my body again saying, “oh no, what happened!” I would highly recommend LEVARE to any women who are finding physical discomfort due to menopause or menstruation. I am able to go about my day without the preoccupation and discomfort of my aches and pains which was becoming such a distraction. Thanks to LEVARE for making this part of my personal journey a bit more manageable and pain free.




I have been using LEVARE, on an as-needed basis, for the past couple of months to relieve the pain that I experience in my lower back due to sciatica and the arthritic pain in my knees and ankle. I have found that LEVARE is a very quick and long lasting effective pain reliever for these problems.


Dr. Harry Davidson


As a Practicing Clinical Psychologist with over 40 years of treating adults and youth I have always advocated in favor of drug free non-medication based counseling and treatment. My wife and I tried LEVARE after a friend recommended it to us. This non-narcotic product almost instantly alleviated the arthritic pain in my back and joints. My wife, who was suffering from migraine headaches and resisted taking any form of medication, also tried LEVARE. Guess what. She took two tablets a day for three days. After more than six weeks she has had no more nagging migraines. So I have begun to share LEVARE with several of my inquisitive patients. Most of them can’t get enough of LEVARE. When combined with training in relaxation therapy this product has performed miraculously, decreasing anxiety, headache, body tension and aches and pains with amazing success. One patient has shared that, after starting on LEVARE, she feels more energized in the mornings, and there is no more stiffness in her joints



(Yoga Instructor)

Teaching yoga is what I love to do!!! I injured my knee about five years ago while gardening and found it difficult to practice. LEVARE alleviated the pain and allowed me to continue teaching yoga. I avoided surgery with therapy and my knee is no longer holding me back from teaching 9 classes a week! It's great to find an all natural product that I can count on and recommend to my fellow yogies!



New Jersey

I suffer from monthly extreme menstrual cramps and with LEVARE my cramps disappear in minutes! It's nice to know that I'm using something all natural and not harmful to my body.


David A Rivera


My name is David Rivera and I am a Retired US Navy Veteran with a service connected disability well above 30%. I use and have used your drug LEVARE and I found some very striking things about the drug such as quick reaction and pain relief. Long lasting effects and pain reduction. For those last two things, it can be vital for many patients. I have talked with people men and woman about spinal discs blowing or herniating and some women have said it is worse than delivering babies. Many of my friends said pain level would be around 5 but for me it has been around 4 without medication and will be reduce to a level of 2 or 3.

LEVARE is a very important drug for nerve pain suffers, as I am one of those many types of people. I have had three spinal surgeries, a C6-C7 spinal fusion and two L4-L5, L5- S1 discectomies. I currently take daily medication consisting of Neurontin and Mobic and occasionally a narcotic to ease pain to go for the rest of the day. These drugs are replaced by LEVARE easily. I was replacing my normal medications with your drug and received better results to pain level of zero, on a scale of one to ten. I noted the action for two weeks and I was well received even my wife saw an improvement of my ability to move and do things I had not been previously able to do.

Now for the great thing I liked about LEVARE I had no side effects at all. I had no upset stomach, no dizziness and no other ill effects at all. I went as far as to have my neurologist try to get samples. I mentioned to her what I had felt and how I reacted to it. I honestly believe this would work not only for back pain and nerve damage, but I believe it would work for things such as fibromyalgia the diabetic nerve pain as well. The main thing I liked the most was my entire body did not go numb as happens with my medications. I feel more aware with LEVARE than my regular medications. Hopefully this will get to many people.



North Carolina

Being a woman over the age of 50, I am occasionally faced with the aches and pains of going through the change of life. So when I feel those muscle aches or joint pains or abdominal cramping coming on, I reach for LEVARE. It works within minutes and I can go about my normal routine without having to worry about harmful side effects since it is an all natural pain reliever. At this point in life, my health is a priority and I know that what I put in my body matters. So I choose natural remedies when possible. Having LEVARE as a choice for pain relief is a comfort and knowing that it works is a reassurance.




I’m a full-time college student and during breaks, I’m helping friends and family with different types of projects. Late one afternoon, after working all day repairing a roof, my arms, wrists and shoulders were extremely sore. I took LEVARE and soon the pain was gone. I hadn’t paid much attention until I grabbed a bottle of water and realized I was pain free. The pain I had felt, disappeared. I continued with the LEVARE the rest of the evening as advised. The next morning I wasn’t sore and I was ready to take on the next project. Now, LEVARE is the first thing I do before starting a laborious task and I’m no longer hindered by pain.




On long rides, the vibration of the engine and the road takes its toll on my arms, back and joints. I take LEVARE and the pain vanishes. I can’t get over how fast it works and it’s easy on my stomach! I also like that I can take it before and while I’m out on a ride and not worry about adverse side effects. Since adding LEVARE to my saddlebag, I’m able to stay on my bike longer which means I get more enjoyment out of my bike.




I lead an active lifestyle and whether I’m at work or at home, I’m constantly on the go. When I have painful cramps or headaches due to my menstrual cycle, I take LEVARE! Its fast acting and I love that it is an all-natural product. It is reassuring to know there is a product that is safe, effective and reliable for me to use to help me stay active through that difficult time of the month.


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